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Make your Bed Astrid Winkler

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From the banks of the pages, I am writing about inspiring books I read and my thoughts about them. I write about books I would love more people to read and get to know about or which truly inspired me or sent me down a roller coaster of feelings. Reading for me is one of my joys and pleasures in life and I love to forget time while reading a book. 

When a reader is asked, “Why do you read so much?” I think the best answer we give is because this one world is not enough for me. Because sometimes you can even find yourself in the pages of a book or it turns out it is just a dream you are holding in your hands.

I love reading different genres and am not stuck in only one because I also love to learn new things, sometimes even about myself. For today’s review, I want to share with you the following book.

Today’s read: Make your Bed by William H. McRaven

I heard about this book many times before and how much those people would recommend it to me before I get my hands on it and I was surprised it is only a small hardcover I received and I thought, oh that’s all it is? A Sunday afternoon read of 130 pages filled with inspiration and knowledge. This New York Times Bestseller is not a traditional self-help book, nor just a biography but a wonderful inspiration that for sure will stand the test of time.

First of all let me start to tell you a little bit about the Author, “Make your Bed”  is written by Admiral William H. McRaven (U.S. Navy Retired) he served 37 years with great distinction as a Navy SEAL where he commanded every level as a four-star admiral. Early in the SEAL training and later in his different positions, he learned a lot about leadership, friendship and life.

He conducted all of his knowledge together in this book alongside heart touching and meaningful anecdotes to create this guide with a simple but great message. 

“Little things can change your life and maybe the world”

So what are those little things you might wonder? William McRaven shares 10 rules to follow every day to change our lives and if we stick to those rules every day we will be able to even change the world.

Changing Habits as such is never an easy task but maybe this is a little reminder for you, to take a small action every day.

Before I share a summary of these rules, I want to make it clear to fully understand the meaning of them. I highly recommend reading the original book so you won’t miss any of the touching meanings and the personal touch behind each rule. Take what resonates for you.


1 Make your bed start every day with a task completed.

2 Find someone to help you paddle through life.

3 Respect everyone by measuring a person by the size of their heart.

4 Know that life is not fair, get over being a sugar cookie and move forward.

5 You will fail often but do not be afraid failures make you stronger.

6 Take risks in life and slide down the obstacle headfirst.

7 Don’t back down from the sharks and face down bullies.

8  Step up when times are tough and always be your very best in the darkest moments.

9 Lift the downtrodden and start singing when you`re up to your neck in mud.

10 Don’t ever ever ring the bell – Never give up.


This timeless book holds wisdom and advice such as encouragement that will inspire readers to achieve more, even when life doesn’t seem so easy. Thank you Admiral McRaven for sharing your knowledge and your service.

I hope  I could inspire you with this resume to change your life and the world around you with a small habit you might implement into your life. Let me know what you think in the comments and inspire each other with our stories of life or if you want to send me your book recommendations. Looking forward to reading from you.

If you want to know more about the stories behind the rules, get your copy here: Make your Bed by William H. Mc. Raven

I add all the books I read to my Goodreads list if you want to know more.

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